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Best Films You've Missed In '06 [Jan. 5th, 2007|02:39 am]
Cinema Aficionado: The Rudiments of Film
This nature of my question is sort of a paradox, because how can you know a film is good if you haven't seen it, etc. So despite the extremely speculative nature of my question, please roll with me.

The Screen Actors Guild recently revealed their picks for best picture this year including The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine, and Babel.

I've missed several good films (or at least films I anticipate as being good) from '06, including but not limited to the following: Babel, The Departed, For Your Consideration, Half Nelson, Blood Diamond, Volver, Venus, Last King of Scotland.

What are some movies you guys have missed this year, why you want to see them, and why you missed them? Answer any way you please in any format or length you like.

I'll go ahead an answer my own question.

I am really disappointed I haven't seen Babel. I've heard great things about it, as well as the performances from both Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.  I wanted to see it because I love Blanchett, the trailer looked stellar, I thought the premise was compelling, and the tagline ("If You Want to be Understood...Listen ") caught my attention. It was in the cinemas here in Tampa Bay for about 2 weeks before moving along and no one wanted to see it because they hadn't heard about it. I wish I had just gone alone. Do you ever see films alone?

If you want to make your own posts about the best movies you've seen this year, what you are looking forward to in 2007, or just any random thoughts, please go for it. Posts from any members are highly encouraged.

[User Picture]From: mrwhipee
2007-01-06 06:05 pm (UTC)
There are a lot of films I've missed this year, mainly due to time issues. I don't get out to the theater as much as I would like. Films I'm quite sure I'll like, but haven't gotten around to seeing yet include The Prestige, Hard Candy, The Fountain, Thank You for Smoking, and Apocalypto. All of those are films I'm looking forward to catching at home.

This is a list of the top ten films I have gotten around to seeing.

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