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September Movie Quiz [Sep. 28th, 2006|12:49 pm]
Cinema Aficionado: The Rudiments of Film
Mail your answers to: AlisonOrDieTrying@gmail.com for the results. Good luck!

1. Recently a Japanese epic from 1954 was digitally remastered. What was it?

2. Laurence Olivier was once considered for the role in this often quoted 1963 Italian movie. It is commonly confused with a 1986 Mickey Rourke film.

3. This 1951 archetypal film noir has an additional scene in the American version that was omitted from the original British version. Also, it was largely edited in its German release due to sadistic qualities.

4. This 1944 thriller led to its title joining the English lexicon with a rudimentary meaning of: to dupe. This movie also featured the premiere of one of TV's favorite sleuths.

5. Directed by a cinema iconoclast who died in 1991, this 1934 highly-beloved movie tells the story of a sassy socialite who falls in love with a plucky reporter while on the lam from her controlling magnate father.

6. This sandy 1953 movie based on the James Jones novel, includes one of the most infamous love scenes of the silver screen.

7. Largely based on the feel, and loosely based on the plot of a graphic novel, this 2001 film features a heroine whose full name is an anagram of the novelist's own name.

8. This 2001 Spanish historical supernatural drama was in development for 16 years, but is the director's favorite movie in his oeuvre.

9. This 1972 classic thriller features perhaps the greatest chase scene of all time. The movie's two leads married the next year.

10. This 1988 movie is set in Baltimore, and is centered around the community's local dance show. The movie has been adapted for the stage with great success, and is now being remade into a new movie, bringing back the director and one of the stars (but will act in a different role) from the original.

Bonus - double points: This movie is directed by a son in a famous Hollywood family. The dad stars in the movie. The director's daughter (and actor's granddaughter) is also a famous actress, and all 3 are Oscar winners. In fact, they are the first family for all 3 generations to receive Oscars. Who are they, and what was the 1948 movie in which the son directed and the dad starred in?

(FYI - The 2nd family to do this was the Coppolas: Carmine, Francis Ford, and Sofia. Also nephew Nicolas Cage).